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The father who is not permitted by the mother to have contact with his newborn child.  The wife who has been a stay-at-home parent for twenty years and is suddenly facing a divorce and uncertain financial future.  The military service member ordered to move across the country who needs to determine how the relocation will affect parenting time with a child.  The entrepreneur who has built an entity and must navigate the breakup of the family unit while minimizing the damage to the business.  The mother protecting her children from the substance abuse engaged in by her spouse. The couple seeking to define their property rights to enter a new marriage with the security of mutual understanding and expectations.  The parents who no longer wish to be together but must somehow share and co-parent their children.  

These are just a few examples of the many cases handled every day at McNorton Fox PLLC.  At McNorton Fox PLLC, our team addresses your own unique situation with competence, compassion, and a keen attention to detail.  Our Certified Family Law Specialists will work directly with you through every step of the process to achieve the results to protect your family and ensure your financial security.